My Fitness Journey So Far!


It was around March time that I started my fitness journey. February was probably the height of my anxiety and I was experiencing some awful impacts because of it on both my relationships and my own confidence & well-being.

Taking it back to the start of February. I had just started working at the place where I originally kick-started my marketing career, after leaving to try a new opportunity which didn’t work out. I was so excited to be back and it most definitely gave me a boost of confidence and the motivation I needed to start making some positive changes.

The gym had always seemed like an intimating place to me, especially as I lacked confidence. I loved the idea of working out on a daily basis, but whenever it came to doing it, I always managed to talk myself out of it or just bail. But, when anxiety got to the point where it was unbearable, I had a more important reason to go to the gym – I needed to do something to help my mind and reduce my anxiety. So many people mentioned how beneficial it can be,  so at this point, I had no excuses left and I had to try it.

In March I joined the local gym for an induction session. Trust me, when the day came, I definitely felt like making up some kind of excuse, but something inside of me pushed me to go, and so I did. I realised quite quickly that although everyone there had their own goals and reasons as to why they were there, they all had one thing in common and that was an enjoyment of working out, and I really liked that.

The guy at the gym, who is now my personal trainer, put together a workout program taking into account what I wanted to achieve and focus on. To start with, I worked out three times a week, but shortly after that, it grew to four times a week, focusing on my legs, bum, abs, arms, shoulders, and back.  It involved one leg day, one bum day,  one day focusing on my back, and then one day focusing on my arms (the weakest part of my body). I found myself enjoying it, and to my surprise I also found myself worrying less. I was really starting to love it and the buzz it gave me.

After finishing my ten-week program, I was given a new program, slightly more advanced. While this was happening, my anxiety was at its worse, I’m not sure why, but it just was. I was experiencing more panic attacks and I was watching my confidence and mindset take a major hammering. There’s no denying it, I lost my way and the gym just didn’t happen – consistently anyway.


After a few weeks of being slack, I decided I needed to go to the gym and speak with my personal trainer to change up my program to something I would be excited about again. There was no way I was going to stop going to the gym, but I just need to adapt and make some changes that would work for me.

So taking it back to where I am today. My new five-day workout plan just started this week and is in full swing. Yesterday I had a fantastic legs session (my bum is hurting already so tomorrow will be a killer for sure) followed with 30 minutes fast pace walking cardio and today, I had a arms session followed by 30 minutes steps cardio – the struggle is real. But on a serious note, I’m feeling really good and positive. I’m loving the new layout of my program and I’m feeling like I’m really achieving something from each workout. I’ve also started the week the right way with my eating, eating clean and counting calories. So far, no naughty food has been consumed, and I’m hoping to keep it that way until cheat day on Saturday – where I’ll go all out!

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for one blog post. Keep an eye out for my next fitness blog which will most probably be a round-up of how the first week of my new programme has gone – wish me luck.

Nicole x

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