WHY I DROPPED OUT OF UNIVERSITY | And why it was the best thing for me

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen so many amazing pictures of people graduating and celebrating their successes as they finish their degrees. And so the subject got me thinking, as this would have also been my time to graduate. However, I decided to take an alternative route and I dropped out of university three months after starting…

This time three years ago, I had completed all of my A-Level exams, I was enjoying the summer and I couldn’t wait any longer to receive my exam results which determined whether I got a place at Birmingham City University to start my chosen course of Media and Communications. Months down the line, I received my results and they were better than I ever could have imagined and my place at university was confirmed. I couldn’t have been any happier or any more excited for the new journey I was about to embark on and so the preparation for university life began.

Leading up to university, I was able to find out who I would be living with and learn a bit more about what I could expect from my chosen course. I also managed to secure a job working at Miss Selfridge so, at that moment in time, I was pretty proud of myself and life was looking great.

The first month or so of life at university was great. I was getting on with my flat mates, I was going out a little, I had started my job and I felt really great about my course, along with meeting some of the most wonderful people during my lectures and seminars. Not only that, but I really felt like I was doing a fab job with all my essays and projects at university and I got quite a bit of praise off of one tutor for my writing style.

However, It wasn’t long before the buzz started to disappear. The initial excitement of university quickly left and in return, I ended up feeling quite lonely as the reality of it all kicked in – the style of it all, in regard to my own personal experience, just wasn’t in any way for me. You have so much spare time in the first year and if for any reason you don’t click with your flatmates or you simply aren’t finding yourself ‘fitting in’ should we say, it can have a huge impact on your own happiness and self-confidence. The spare time combined with the irregular and unhealthy daily routine gave me plenty of time to sit and worry and really start to question myself – which we should strive to never do.

And basically, this was the case for me and definitely where it all started to go wrong. I really struggled with a few things in regards to ‘fitting in’ with the crowd – it felt very clicky to me, and that was something that I wanted to be completely free from. Alongside that, I didn’t enjoy my job and the course although I know looking back I could have smashed it, it just wasn’t right for me. It’s fair to say I totally lost myself at university and my personality which others enjoyed, just disappeared, and not one single person got to really witness the real me.

It was December time when I first started having thoughts about leaving university. The idea for me was extremely daunting as I had no backup option. And all I wanted to do was to succeed at something and do well. I gave myself a little pep talk as did my parents and I decided to make another go of it and head back after Christmas. After a few weeks, it was very apparent that nothing was going to change and this just wasn’t right for me and I needed to follow my instinct on this one and just leave – and not worry about what may or may not happen moving forward.

If anyone knows me, they know how much I worry and over analyse and so this was huge for me, and the anxiety of ‘what happens next?’ kicked in pretty fast. I struggled for quite a few months on the job front. The struggle to find something marketing related in my town was becoming pretty apparent. However, I kept on going as I was determined to find something, and most importantly find something I knew I would enjoy day in day out.

After endless job applications, I finally managed to land myself the perfect job as a Marketing Apprentice for hotel booking agency, Infotel Solutions. I attended my interview in the morning and by the time I got home, they had offered me the job – It was a magical moment to which it felt like everything had happened for a reason and my choice to leave university, was absolutely the right one – and I’ve never looked back since.

Looking back now, It all happened as it should of. I went to university so I could experience it and never wonder ‘what if’. And as a result, I ended up falling into a job which I absolutely adore – and I’m still learning something new every single day!

So just to sum it all up, this blog isn’t in anyway me trying to say ‘don’t go to university’ – absolutely not. If you have a passion for a specific area or subject and you know that university is the best option, then absolutely go for it. I wish everyone the most enjoyable and rewarding time at university – with the hope they will have a much better integration experience than I had. However, it’s so important to know it’s not the only option, and it’s definitely not the only option for you to live a successful life – you can do pretty amazing things from just going with your head and heart – an apprenticeship being one of them!

So that’s enough reflection for one night! I hope this has given you a good insight into the benefits I’ve received from leaving university, and please do feel free to share any comments regarding this subject in the box below!

Nicole x

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