Travelling = Reduced Anxiety

If you follow me on Instagram (@workingitout_) you’ll know that I recently visited the beautiful city that is Prague to celebrate my 21st birthday. And I’ve got to say, admittedly, I was a little bit nervous about going because I know how my anxiety can play a toll on social situations and I just didn’t want that to happen on this occasion. I wanted to totally enjoy myself.

Luckily, that is exactly what I did. Now, I’ve always been one for travelling and exploring the world – because there’s just so much beauty out there waiting to be explored! And I would never want my anxiety to get in the way of that. To my reassurance, Prague proved to me just how powerful travelling can be for the mind and soul.

Airports, small souvenir shops, busy restaurants and a crowded Old Town Square with hundreds of people walking around, were just some of the situations I came across, and in a normal occurrence, they would definitely trigger my worrying and anxiety. But did that happen in Prague? Nope, not really at all.


Now I don’t know whether it’s completely down to the feeling of getting away and not knowing a single person, whether it’s the fact travelling has this super power which makes you focus on all the gorgeous things surrounding you, or whether it’s the feeling of pure joy you get from seeing so many amazing people all visiting one place at once, or maybe it’s a combination of all of the above. However, one thing I do know is that those four days spent in Prague were the most chilled out days I’ve had in a really long time. And yes, there were times where I could feel slight anxiety. But given the busy atmosphere, I dealt with all the situations head on and for the first time, I didn’t feel like my anxiety was taking over – and it felt so good!

I absolutely love travelling to new places and so It’s really positive for me to see my anxiety have such little power when it comes to the absolute love of my life. And it makes me all that little bit more ready to go away to Bali in September feeling completely in control.

This is a fairly short blog, but I just wanted to put this down on blog (paper) so that I can take a look at it for times when I am feeling more anxious or having a relapse just so I can know and be reassured that I will get through it and anxiety can in no way beat me. And Prague (which screams anxiety attack with its extremely vibrant and busy atmosphere) is proof of that.

I’d love to hear about how travelling affects your anxiety if you are going through a similar situation. I know so many people suffer from travel anxiety in itself so It would be really interesting to know how people cope with that!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please do come and say hi on my Twitter or Instagram account. I’d love to hear from you!

Nicole x



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