I think this section title might be the one thing we’ve all got in common right? We all love food! Whether that’s healthy, totally naughty, organic, vegetarian or vegan. You name it, there’s food out there to suit everyone’s taste buds – and that’s why I’m so passionate about this section.


Pretty self-explanatory what you can expect to see, the clue is in the title! Here’s the section dedicated to all you food lovers. You’ll probably see a lot of healthy food snaps with the recipes to go with. A big aim of 2017 for me is to completely change my eating habits (so far, so good) so It will be a lot of trial and error in that aspect, trying to find ingredients that work for me and healthy options which are fun and exciting to eat. I’ll of course, also show you those times where I’m not so healthy and totally indulging in gorgeous treats; savoury and sweet! Enjoy.

Nicole x